Year zero in practice

On 5 October 2023, a meeting was held at our Institute of Foreign Languages of young Ukrainian refugees with representatives of UNICEF and the Department of Education, Youth and Sports Department of the City of Prague. The meeting with Mr. Scott Lang from the Office of Population, Refugees and Migration (US BPRM) and Valerie Reed, Political Secretary US Embassy in the Czech Republic. The aim of these preparatory classes is to to help children pass the entrance exam and receive support in their integration into high schools in the capital. The program supports Prague City Hall in cooperation with the United Nations Children’s Fund UNICEF.

More information about the meeting can be found on the Prague City Hall website:


Support of zero years in secondary schools in the framework of the integration of Ukrainian youth aged 15-19 in the territory of the capital city of Prague for the year 2022/2023

The programme “Support of zero years in secondary schools in the framework of the integration of Ukrainian youth aged 15-19 in the territory of the capital city of Prague for the year 2022/2023” was implemented by the Institute of Foreign Languages for ten months.

The intensive teaching of Czech as a second language is supplemented by subject-specific Czech, including basic vocabulary in Czech history, geography, mathematics and civic education. During the program, students are introduced to the Czech education system and the specifics of secondary education and simulate the high school admissions process. The effect is brought about by the so-called “conversation clubs”, where Ukrainian students meet their Czech peers in extracurricular activities.

We firmly believe that the effective integration process is also influenced by the “family” atmosphere of our school, which promotes good psychological well-being of students. We try to treat each individual with respect and individuality, but at the same time we teach them to live by the rules.

Over 200 Ukrainian students have graduated from the program, and feedback from them indicates that more than 80% of them have fully participated not only in the regular educational system, but also in life in the Czech Republic.

Our big priority is to lead students to independence and responsibility for their own decisions, not only in education but also in their personal lives.

We are convinced that the programme makes sense. Our gratitude for the opportunity to help Ukrainian students belongs especially to The Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (PRM), which, through the UNICEF Children’s Fund and the Prague City Hall – Department of Education, Youth and Sports, finances this project.



Adaptation groups for children from Ukraine 2023. Event “Spring meeting”

Spring Meeting event, where children aged 3 to 18 from Ukraine, who were included in our free adaptation program, performed for their parents.

Together with their teachers, the children performed their dance routines and sang songs accompanied by the piano, demonstrating their singing skills and knowledge of the Czech language.

Parents were proud of their children and rejoiced at their success at the stage. We, in turn, admire the talent of these children and the way they skillfully and with great commitment demonstrated their skills.