About us:

Institute of Foreign Languages, language school with the right of state language examination (ICJ jazykový institut s.r.o.) – it is an institution working in the field of language education for more than 15 years!

ICJ jazykový institut s.r.o. – accredited language school on the basis of the decision of the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MŠMT-27782/2015-1.) ICJ jazykový institut s.r.o. . – accredited language school for the implementation of requalification courses in the Czech language on the the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports MŠMT-3489/2023, MŠMT- 12224/2023-2, which are under the responsibility of the Labour Office.

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These courses enable clients to gain important qualifications for a new job or to better knowledge of the Czech language to keep their jobs. Our goal is to become a full-fledged requalification facility that will prepare quality employees from among qualified foreigners who will join the Czech labour market system.

ICJ jazykový institut s.r.o. – is more than 400 highly qualified lecturers teaching off-line / online form throughout the Czech Republic.

ICJ jazykový institut s.r.o.  – is a team of experts who are able to provide competent and comprehensive advice, individually help with the selection of a suitable educational product.

ICJ jazykový institut s.r.o. – a partner of state universities in the implementation of accredited preparatory programs.

ICJ jazykový institut s.r.o. – the implementer of a large-scale national public contract providing quality language language training for foreign clients of the Refugee Facilities Administration of the Ministry of the Interior during four years.

ICJ jazykový institut s.r.o. – an educational facility for Ukrainian children and students, which we have since February 2022 taught within the framework of adaptation and educational programs under the patronage of the Ministry of Education, the Municipality of City of Prague and UNICEF.

We have earned a good reputation during our tenure and we dare say that we deserve our place on the language school market throughout the Czech Republic. We follow new trends in the field of education, which we try to apply so that our students are able to develop their natural language potential in the shortest possible time.

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Our philosophy:

Individual approach: We understand that the satisfaction of our clients (whether it is student or company) is the greatest reward and proof that we provide a good service.

Professionalism: Our employees are the most important part of our company. We strive to ensure that their work brings them joy and satisfaction and then and to pass these emotions on to our clients!

Quality teachers: A team of more than 400 teachers is the result of hard work and trust. we have built up during our tenure! We are in constant contact with our tutors and thanks to this we know what needs to be improved or changed to make their job easier!

Professional instructors at ICJ language institute


Accredited programme with the Faculty of Information Technology of CTU

We are proud that the Faculty of Information Technology of CTU in the person of Assoc. Prof. Josef Kolář, Ph.D. has been cooperating with us for the sixth year in the implementation of the accredited preparatory program for future IT workers. As part of the programme, ICJ s.r.o. provides intensive courses Czech language, assistance with the nostrification process and administrative support for each
student. Professors of FIT CTU provide professional teaching at the premises of the university. Graduates of the programme are prepared to successfully complete the university admissions procedure and their professional career begins.

Accredited program with the Faculty of Information Technology of CTU

Navigo Praha z.s.

ICJ s.r.o. provides adaptive – educational, methodological and professional services supporting Ukrainian refugees on the territory of the Czech Republic. On the basis of reflection of current problems.

The association NAVIGO Praha z.s. was established to provide comprehensive assistance and support to the following persons to those in need.

Watch this video to learn more about our language institute and the successes of our clients.