Language classes for companies and corporations

Institut cizích jazyků s.r.o. provides not only group courses for the public, but also organizes corporate employment from small Czech companies to large international corporations in the Czech Republic. We offer both face-to-face and distance learning courses.

The corporate development reveals new opportunities and achievements for the company and its employees:

business expansion across borders

seamless communication with foreign partners

conducting business listings without Google Translate

improving the company’s image

formation of a team and promotion of loyalty from workers to employees

Corporate activities with selected foreign language can take place either at the hosted Institute or at the hosted client. It is important, based on the company’s activities, that the representatives of LLC “Institute of Foreign Languages” select or create a special course that will meet the needs of your company. This may include a full course of Czech, English, German or Spanish language, or a specialized course that requires expert knowledge or special preparation for writing.

Why do you want to turn your corporate knowledge to Institutu cizích jazyků s.r.o.?

  • A large number of professional trainers (over 120 people)
  • Over 14 years until the end of robots on the
  • Czech market
  • Compilation based on modern methodology with a selection of clear primary materials and references
  • Over 5,000 satisfied students at the river

Як ми реалізуємо ваше корпоративне навчання з нами?

  • Our specialists will provide you with turnkey employment within your reach

  • Entrance and exit testing of students – this goes without saying

  • Based on the test results, groups are formed according to the level of volodinnya movoy

  • The selection of items is mainly based on your needs

  • More detailed information about the progress and success of your staff is on the right

  • After completing the skin course, the participant receives a valid certificate

  • Currently, Institutu cizích jazyků, a government school with the right to form a state government school s.r.o. is implementing two national projects under the European Union, aimed at supporting the integration of foreigners in the Czech Republic.

What’s this?

The project “Ceska language in integration centers” is financed by the European Union within the framework of the national program of the Fund for migration, migration and integration.

The target group will include clients from the other Centers for the Integration of Foreigners in nine regions of the Czech Republic. For over 30,000 years, we have been implementing the Czech language for foreigners from this world through the Integration Support Centers in České Budějovice, Karlovy Vary, Zlina, Ostrava, Pardubice, , Pilsen and Liberci.

As part of this project, we are organizing a variety of Czech language courses, focused on different types of living situations. Our contributions help motivated foreigners in the process of adaptation to a new environment. Due to the large number of new workers in the Czech Republic, our clients include factory workers, as well as senior administrative personnel, members of their families and children.

Also, the participation of the Institute of Foreign Languages ​​in this project involved a professional team of contributors, which allows us to clearly present language throughout the Czech Republic.