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An online Czech language course is an ideal choice for those who want to learn Czech quickly from the comfort of their own home. The course is held in small groups via the Zoom platform. Each student receives electronic course materials and has access to video recordings of all lessons. This course is an effective and fast way to improve your Czech. Don’t waste your time thinking about it, sign up now!
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from 2 to 3 months

Frequency of classes

3 times a day


evening and morning groups



The program consists of two levels

When “Course Choices” You can choose the level that suits you
A1 (Elementary) course: For beginners who want to learn Czech from scratch
  • 48 lectures of 45 minutes each

This course is designed specifically for those who are starting to learn Czech for beginners at a basic level. The course focuses on the gradual and systematic acquisition of the basic skills needed for effective communication in Czech.

Basic phrases and vocabulary:

Participants will learn basic phrases and vocabulary for everyday situations such as greetings, shopping, getting around town and simple communication.

Practical communication:

The course focuses on practical communication in Czech, enabling participants to express themselves and understand simple sentences in everyday situations.

Basic grammar:

Beginners are taught the basics of Czech grammar, including basic rules of tense, tenses and word order.

Reading and writing at a basic level:

Participants will be introduced to reading and writing at a basic level, including understanding short texts and writing simple sentences and short messages.

Cultural and social aspects:

The course includes a narration of customs, traditions and social norms in the Czech environment to help participants better understand the context of the language.

Interactive lessons:

The course is enriched with interactive activities, games and conversations that encourage active participation and engagement in the learning process.

Audio and video materials:

The course uses audio and video materials to help participants understand spoken Czech and accents.

Individual and group work:

The course combines individual exercises and group work, which promotes variety in learning and allows participants to support each other.

This course is ideal for those who want to learn Czech from the basics and acquire basic communication skills for everyday situations. Enrol in our course and start your journey to learning Czech for beginners today!

A2 (Middle) course: For those who already have basic knowledge
  • 78 lectures of 45 minutes each

This Czech A1 to A2 course is designed for those who want to acquire basic Czech language skills at an intermediate level.

The aim of the course is to teach participants how to communicate effectively in simple everyday situations.

Basic conversational skills:

Participants will learn basic phrases that will enable them to communicate in simple situations such as introductions, shopping, ordering food, etc.

Vocabulary development:

The course aims to expand vocabulary, including common expressions and words related to everyday life.

Basic grammar:

Participants will be introduced to basic grammatical structures such as verbs, nouns, adjectives and simple sentences.

Reading and writing at a beginner’s level:

In the Reading and Writing section, participants will work with short texts and simple sentences to develop basic writing and comprehension skills.

Practical grammar in context:

Grammar rules will be presented in the context of practical situations, helping participants to understand and remember them better.

Communication in everyday situations:

Participants will learn how to communicate in everyday situations such as going to a restaurant, shopping, travelling and other everyday activities.

Interactive activities and games:

Classes will be enriched with interactive activities and games to increase participant engagement and participation.

Listening and speaking:

Participants will listen to authentic recordings and actively participate in conversations, which will enhance their ability to understand spoken language and express themselves.

Individual support:

The course offers the opportunity for individual support and correction from the tutor to help participants improve their skills.

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Constant feedback from our training department managers and access to a closed chat to resolve issues throughout the training

Record of all classes

All of our lessons are recorded so you can watch them whenever it's convenient for you. This way you can review the material without missing a single lesson

Certificate at the end of the course

ICJ Language School is accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic (MŠMT). Upon completion of the course, you will receive an official certificate confirming your level of Czech language proficiency.

This certificate is a significant advantage in employment, increasing your competitiveness in the labor market.

сертификаты подтверждающие уровень знания чешского

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ICJ - we have been working in the field of language education for over 15 years!

We offer courses of different levels and an individual approach to each student. Our courses not only help you master the language, but also open up new career prospects.

With our more than 400 teachers across the Czech Republic and flexible learning programs, you can quickly achieve the desired result.

Our lessons cover all the necessary topics and skills so that you can use Czech with confidence in everyday situations.

We create a learning atmosphere that is far from boring lectures. Our classes include interactive games and modern educational approaches that meet the needs of the modern world.


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