Online Course: Advanced Czech B1 / B2

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Improve your Czech to B1 and B2 levels. Our intensive course offers experienced teachers, new career opportunities and great acquaintances! The course takes place online on the Zoom platform in small groups. All course materials are in electronic form and you also have access to video recordings of all lessons. Register now and start learning Czech. It’s fast and convenient with us!
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from 2 to 3 months

Frequency of classes

3 times a week


evening classes (the schedule can be seen when choosing a course)



The program consists of two levels

When “Course Choices” You can choose the level that suits you
B1 (Above-average) course: Improving knowledge for work and study
  • 90 lectures of 45 minutes each

Our online Czech language course for level B1 offers in-depth and professional training, ideal for those who want to improve their knowledge and communicate confidently in Czech. Training is conducted by experienced teachers through the convenient Zoom platform, which allows you to study from anywhere at any time.

Learning the Czech language online at the B1 level covers all aspects of the language: grammar, vocabulary and practical use of the language in various everyday and professional situations. The course program is designed in such a way as to effectively develop the skills of spoken language, reading comprehension and writing texts of medium difficulty.

Our online Czech language lessons include:

Access to carefully designed educational materials and video lessons.
Interactive tasks and exercises aimed at improving all language skills.
Individual approach and regular feedback from teachers.

Advantages of our course:

Highly qualified teachers with many years of experience teaching the Czech language.
The flexibility of the schedule, which allows you to combine studies with everyday affairs.
Our Czech language courses for above-intermediate level will help you achieve confidence in communicating in Czech.

Sign up for our online Czech language course for level B1 and get a quality education that will open up new opportunities for you in your personal and professional life. Start studying today and take your language skills to the next level!

Course B2 (Advanced level): Expert command of the language
  • 120 lectures of 45 minutes each

Our advanced online B2 Czech language course is designed specifically for those who want to communicate confidently in Czech in various professional and everyday situations.

The course program includes:

In-depth study of grammar and expansion of vocabulary:

We will analyze complex grammatical constructions in detail and actively work on expanding your active and passive vocabulary.

Intensive practice of speaking and writing:

Practice making well-argued statements, participate in discussions and make presentations in Czech.

Mastering professional vocabulary and business communication skills:

Our lessons are focused on using the Czech language in a working environment, which will help you to successfully interact with colleagues and partners.

Individual approach and mentoring support:

Receive personalized feedback from experienced teachers who will help you overcome language barriers and reach your desired level of language proficiency.

Experienced teachers:

Our lecturers are professionals with many years of experience in teaching the Czech language to foreign students. They will help you not only master the material, but also instill confidence in using the language.

Innovative teaching methods:

We use modern methods and technologies for the most efficient learning of the material, including interactive exercises and online resources.

Join our B2 course and you are guaranteed to reach new heights of mastery of the Czech language!

Successful language learning is the key to your professional and personal development.


Constant feedback from our training department managers and access to a closed chat to resolve issues throughout the training

Recording of all classes

All of our course lessons are recorded, allowing you to watch them at your convenience. This provides flexibility and the ability to repeat the material without missing a single lesson

Certificate at the end of the course

ICJ Language School is accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic (MŠMT). Upon completion of the course, you will receive an official certificate confirming your level of Czech language proficiency.

This certificate is a significant advantage in employment, increasing your competitiveness in the labor market.

сертификаты подтверждающие уровень знания чешского

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After that, you will receive an invitation to the course and will be able to join the training together with other students.

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ICJ - we have been working in the field of language education for over 15 years!

We offer courses of different levels and an individual approach to each student. Our courses not only help you master the language, but also open up new career prospects.

With our more than 400 teachers across the Czech Republic and flexible learning programs, you can quickly achieve the desired result.

Our lessons cover all the necessary topics and skills so that you can use Czech with confidence in everyday situations.

We create a learning atmosphere that is far from boring lectures. Our classes include interactive games and modern educational approaches that meet the needs of the modern world.


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