Courses to maintain student status

If you have an “Ostatní” visa in the Czech Republic and have previously studied on a non-accredited language course, we invite you to take Czech, English, German and Spanish language courses for foreigners, which will allow you to continue your studies without changing your visa type.

Our courses are designed for those who wish to maintain their student status in the Czech Republic. We offer Czech, English, German and Spanish language courses for foreigners. By participating in our program, you will be able to continue your studies without changing your visa type. Join us and get the opportunity to develop and grow with us!

According to the Act on the Stay of Foreigners in the Czech Republic, a long-term visa or residence permit (biometric passport) can be extended on the basis of intensive language courses with a minimum of 20 hours per week (45 minutes per lesson).

Our Offer:

The basis is, of course, learning Czech for foreigners, especially if you have recently arrived in the Czech Republic and are going to integrate into Czech society.

However, there are those who already speak Czech, but in order to settle down here and be able to find a good job, they need good foreign language skills. For this category we offer courses of different levels (from beginners to intermediate and above intermediate) of English, German or Spanish.

Additional Opportunities for Students:

Students are most often encouraged to participate in annual or semi-annual programs. Annual intensive courses run from September through August. Semi-annual courses run from September through January, February through June, and July through November. Participation in training is possible throughout the year.

If your student days in the Czech Republic have come to an abrupt end or if your chosen specialty is unsuitable, do not lose heart and give yourself more time to prepare.

The stay of a foreign student depends on participation in an accredited program of a higher education institution if you were a full-time student.

Based on enrollment in our language courses, you can become a student of preparatory and postgraduate courses designed for foreigners, which we run in cooperation with public higher education institutions in the Czech Republic.

These are focused training courses designed to prepare foreign students for further studies at the relevant faculty of a higher education institution.

These are very serious educational programs at accredited public institutions of higher education.

On the basis of participation in the program, the student will retain his/her student status and prepare for the entrance examinations in Czech and English language and special disciplines, but above all for the study itself at the chosen university.

Participation in the program requires the student to attend classes for a certain number of hours per week.